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Tip Jar

Average Man thanks you for clicking through to this page!!!

So why not go a step further and leave a small tip? By "tip" I don't mean "Hey Manny, carry an umbrella if there's rain in the forecast". No, I mean the kind of tip that says, "Here's a few bucks so you can buy yourself a new umbrella" or something like that.

As of October 2014 all tips go to nonprofit community arts organizations or to artists that, unlike me, do this for a living and need a few extra bucks to keep bringing their outstanding work to the masses.'

Here's how you can leave a tip:

Amount Description
A $5 tip buys a couple of Micron pigment ink pens, or some drawing pencils for a starving artist.
A $10 tip buys an artist a pad of really good Bristol board, a good ruler, or a roll of tracing paper.
$25 lets a starving artist rummage through an art store's discount bin and leave with a big bag of stuff!
CONTRIBUTE $100? Sure, why not? A contribution of this size can buy a week's groceries for a starving artist, or pay for materials for a special art project for an entire classroom!

Even if you can't contribute, thanks for reading the strip!


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