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About the strip
Average Man is a semi-autobiographical strip by me, Manuel Burgos ("Manny B"). It features anecdotes from my life, or at least my life as I see it.

I'm a "Nuyorican" living in Brooklyn, NY, a nexus of events and activities that often go overlooked. I aim to reveal these untold stories to you, the reader, as best I can through comic form. I live a quiet but active life. My loves include a long and alliterative list of things like burgers, bodyboarding, BBQs, baseball, books, board games, and being bald. Expect to see every one of them to make their way into the strip!

In case you were wondering, the strip's name "Average Man" is a play on my first name.

As a self-published webcomic, I have a lot of freedom regarding format and content. Expect me to experiment now and then. It's a work in progress. Also expect the strip to be either G or PG rated, profanity-free, and family-friendly.

I am very open to suggestions for the strip, and occasionally will ask readers for specific suggestions. I enjoy and value feedback on the strip and its themes, so don't hesitate to use the contact page to let me know what's on your mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is Average Man: the Comic published?
Average Man appears weekly, although occasionally a bonus strip will the same week.

Is Average Man really based on true stories?
Yes, either totally or partially. I do however change other people's names whenever possible (mostly because they may want to bill me for use of their names, or break my windows if they don't like how they're portrayed).

Do you do your own lettering as well?
No. Soon though. I'm developing my own font and when I use it you'll notice the difference immediately. Currently I use "Webletterer Pro" by Nate Piekos (www.blambot.com) for text (narration, dialog and thought balloons) and "Mister Sirloin" by Stuart Sandler (www.myfonts.com) for headlines. Rarely I will use other fonts as needed.

Do you get paid to do Average Man?
No, I definitely absolutely positively do not get paid to do Average Man. Yet. The better question is, "Should Manny get paid for the strip?". Let's talk.

What is that thin line above and dark gray square below Average Man's mouth?
I have a faint moustache and goatee (buzzed down to hide gray hairs).

Some strips have you in glasses, some not. What gives?
Sometimes I wear my glasses, sometimes I wear contact lenses.

The FAQ will be expanded as more questions come in. Thanks for reading!

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